The House is Starting to Come Together

by , under Boring

The house is starting to come together, but it has been a very long process. In fact it was not really practical to move in this place until about a month and a half after we bought it. The bathroom and the kitchen were both in such a sad shape that we figured it was better to just go about fixing it before we moved in. The sub flooring on the bathroom had subsided, probably from a long term leak. Then there was a lot of small stuff after we moved. Los Angeles shutters made me some custom shutters, the sort that work automatically from the inside. I was tempted to put hurricane shutters on the outside, because we are really exposed to the Santa Ana winds here and at times you can feel the West facing side of the house shudder under the pressure of the wind. It is always being blasted by sands from the beach miles to the West.

At any rate I put vinyl siding on the house and I fixed up the gutters too. There is not that much rain here, so I figure you are better off having it so that trash from the environment can not collect in the gutters. It has that gutter helmet type of design and seems to work pretty well based on what I have seen so far. The big problem was the landscape design. It was difficult for us to want to get rid of the grass, but it was obvious that with the drought it was all going to die any way. It was not any use pretending that it rains around here and if you have seen Lake Powell or Lake Mead, then you know that it is time to use landscaping which does not need much water.