Pricing for Full-House Plantation Shutter Installation

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It is a decision that my wife and I have been vacillating on for a number of months, but we have finally made a decision, and we are going to stick by this decision. I think that it is the right decision, but it was harder to convince my wife, because she had certain financial concerns. We still need to get a quote, but we are looking into plantation shutters and I think that we have our minds set on getting them installed in the whole house.

At first, we were discussing just having them installed in the living room, and maybe one other room. However, after considering it, we thought that it might look strange to just have them in one room, and then to have cheap blinds in the rest of the house. Of course, we would probably upgrade the blinds in the rest of the house, to try to kind of match the plantation shutters, if we were to decide to just have the shutters installed in the one room. I mean, it is the room that it makes most sense to have them. The living room has more windows in it, than any other room of the house.

However, we recently went to the house of a mutual friend of ours, and they have a relatively new house, which has these shutters all throughout the house. I must say that it looked pretty impressive, and it was a nice house before adding the plantation shutters, which adds to the overall visual appeal. Anyway, I think that seeing the house, went a long way towards convincing my wife that we should get them installed in the whole house. It is a decision that I agree with, and now we just need to figure out how much it is going to cost us to do so.