Party Prep Without a Working Stove

by , under Boring

On the day that I was supposed to have a big holiday party, my stove stopped working. I needed the stove to prepare food for the party. There is a company that does major appliance repair in Sacramento that I know to be good because I’ve used them before. I didn’t have enough time to get the stove fixed and prepare the food, so I made an arrangement to have the stove fixed the next day and then went to the store to buy some food. My plan was to pass the prepared food off as food that I made on my own.

I bought some fried chicken, cooked shrimp, buffalo chicken wings, and potato salad. I had some vegetables in my refrigerator that I cut up and placed along a bowl of dip. I was worried that since all of the food was from a local store, someone might notice that the food tastes familiar. The chicken and the potato salad would be the easiest things to notice. I came up with a backup plan to trick my guests taste buds with a little alcohol toast before the meal.

As the party guests came in one by one, I gave each one a wine glass. Of course there was at least one person who didn’t drink alcohol. I feared he would be person to give away my secret. I tried to use another method to alter his tastes. I had prepared a special hot salsa using to peppers and asked him to give it a try. He ate the salsa and needed to cool his mouth with something. As the guests ate the food, none of them seemed to notice that I had purchased the food from the store. There’s the possibility that they knew, but didn’t care, because they didn’t want to pass up free food.