Just Got Back from the Beach

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Of course this is something that everyone has to consider. I caught myself looking at towel warmer reviews the other day and then after awhile I got to wondering why I was doing it. I have seen them before and used them at this place I was staying at the beach. It belonged to the family of the girl that I was dating back then, most of the year they rented the place out to big groups who were on vacation, The thing was right on top of a top loading washing machine in the bathroom closet. It was big enough for about 15 people to stay at, so we were down there with all of her brothers and sisters and a few of her cousins along with five or six kids who stay in this huge room with bunk beds on the walls. That was easy to see why they had the towel warmers on that place, it was a house that probably cost a fortune to build and would have cost you a million dollars to buy, so things like that are pretty much irrelevant to the total cost. It is something that you can sell when you are renting a place out too.

There is not much reason why a normal person is going to need that sort of thing, especially not a person in my situation, where every penny is important to your bottom line. Of course I really liked a warm towel when I got out of the shower. It was really comforting to me and I liked it a whole lot, but that is not a good reason to buy it. I have all sorts of other bills that I really have no choice about. There is renter’s insurance and car insurance, then I have health insurance and I have to eat like any other person.