Getting My Woodworking Shop Set Up

by , under Boring

I bought this place because of a lot of factors, but the building it had behind it was a huge plus. The guy I got it from was the son of a man who had been a contractor who operated tractors and little construction machines, so he had a very large storage building where he could keep them and work on them. I am going to set it up for a variety of purposes, but right now I am looking at sanding machines for a wood working shop. I have already got a nice little lathe and a router table, a drill press and a joining machine. I picked all of that stuff up rather cheaply at an auction that I just chanced upon while I was out doing some errands one weekend morning. I have a pretty good shop with only a little bit of money in it, although the big thing now is that I need to set up a system to suck up the dust from the machines. You can not really do much with no dust collection system. At least it is foolish and unsafe to do that.

The building is pretty much like a fortress though. It looks a bit weird in your back yard because it is surrounded by the type of fence that you would see at a place that people were very determined to keep people from breaking into. It is a chain link fence topped with that really nasty type of barb wire that you see in places like storage yards. Obviously the guy had his livelihood inside of the building and he did not want any punks jumping his fence and messing with his stuff. I would not try to go over this fence without a bulldozer to be honest.