Getting Back To Bone-Dry: Dealing With Water Damage

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Owning your own home can be a challenging task. It sometimes seems like your house is in a constant state of disrepair, with major and minor problems popping up endlessly. Although it’s very tempting to let non-critical issues slide, you mustn’t be negligent when it comes to water damage.

Why Water Damage Is More Serious Than You Think

Keeping your living space dry is one of the most basic functions your home performs. When it suffers a failure at this task, even a minor one, you need to take swift action to minimize the damage caused by water intrusion. This is important because even the most seemingly-innocuous leak can do catastrophic damage if it’s ignored for long enough. Because some of the most dangerous potential effects of water damage take place in the internal spaces of your home, (i.e. inside walls, attics, and crawlspaces) it can be extremely difficult to judge the severity of the problem with a casual inspection.

Exterior Vs. Interior Damage

Obviously, water can get into your home from the outside (via weather) or the inside (typically through plumbing faults). As suggested above, it’s when water gets into the structural “guts” of your home that it can cause real problems. When environmental water is driven into your home, it can run wild behind your walls. A very small leak can cause very big problems behind the scenes, especially if it goes undetected. If your plumbing betrays you and dumps water into your home from the inside, the damage may spread much further than you suspect.

How And Why Water Damage Restoration Gets Pricey

Although many parts of your home are water-resistant, (exterior surfaces especially, of course) not every piece of material that goes into your home can be made to withstand the abuses of runaway water. Stagnant water is particularly dangerous, as prolonged exposure can break down many materials that can hold up to brief wetness. Wall insulation, for example, can rapidly turn into an ideal growth medium for potentially-dangerous mold if it’s immersed for extended periods. Water can also damage wood and metal structural components, weakening your home’s infrastructure and accelerating other forms of damage.

Why Professional Assistance Is Worth The Expense

Hopefully, it’s becoming clear that water damage often goes a lot deeper than you initially suspect. This is why enlisting the help of water damage restoration experts is usually a good idea. The full extent of water damage is not something that most homeowners can figure out accurately. Missing even a little bit of water damage can render repair work useless and require additional repairs down the road. That’s why getting water damage addressed professionally and completely the first time is the best, most economical way to handle it.

When it comes to the potential threat it poses to your home, water damage ranks quite a bit higher than peeling paint or broken faucets. The insidious way water damage can fester over time means that ferreting out and correcting water intrusion problems should be your highest priority as a homeowner. Don’t hesitate to call on experts when necessary to tackle these issues; prompt professional attention can save you a ton of trouble further down the road!