A Vision That Includes Plantation Shutters

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When I purchased my house a couple of years ago, I was definitely looking past the way it looked. I knew that I could whip it into something really nice after just a bit of time. The problem was not the actual structure but the decorating skills of the previous owners. The living room had bright yellow paint, and the kitchen was lined with green wallpaper. The bathroom looked as if it had come from the 60s! I saw past all of that though, knowing that paint, shutters, and some good old fashioned elbow grease would change the entire feel of the place.

The first thing I did was repaint all of the walls varying shades of white and ivory. I wanted to do that before I started looking at shutters, because I knew that I would just be creating more work for myself the other way. I had already picked out the company that I wanted to do the work. They are local to me, but that is just one of the reasons I picked them. I have painted a lot of rooms before, which is why I handled the paint job on my own. I have never installed custom made shutters though, so I wanted a professional company to do it.

The local company not only custom makes their own shutters, but they also have incredible prices and deals on them. Someone came out to measure my windows and help me pick the shutters I wanted, which was free and I was under no obligation to go with them. However, the shutters looked amazing, and the prices were just too good to pass up. I went ahead and ordered new plantation shutters for each window in my living room, kitchen, bedrooms and dining room. Once they were installed in the newly painted rooms, I could hardly believe the difference myself!