A Security System for My Parents

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My parents have lived in New York for the majority of their adult lives. I could not wait to move south though. I was so over cold weather and snowy conditions, and Jacksonville is where I ended up. My parents came to visit me several times and fell in love with the area too. They decided that when they retired, they were also going to move south not only to get closer to their grandchildren but also to enjoy the warm weather year round. They found a charming two bedroom cottage along with a Jacksonville ADT company within a week of my dad’s retirement.

They had looked online, wanting to speed the process up since winter was quickly approaching. I took a drive by the house they picked out, and it was as charming in person as it was online. I also arranged for their ADT security system to be installed before they even moved down. They wanted to make sure that everything was situated so they did not have to take care of a lot of details when they finally moved in. I am really glad that one of those details was a security system too!

Though the area they now live in is safe, none of us live in a bubble. We know that seniors are targeted because they generally have a nice retirement package, plus criminals can also want their medications since older people tend to take more meds than younger folks. Anyone who has their eyes set on my folks house will know that they have a security system, and hopefully they will move on to an easier target. The installation did not cost much, and the security equipment was free. They just pay a low monthly fee for the monitoring service, and it gives them incredible peace of mind.